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The Village

is ideally located for those who wish to discover the island. The complex is in the village of Episkopos / Nikiana, 7 km from the capital of the island Leucade, 8 km from the well known resort Nidri, 1 km from the port, only 150 m from the beach of Episkopos with it's crystal clear waters, and 26 km from Aktio/Preveza airport. (Direct charter flights to and from many European major cities as well as daily scheduled flights to and from Athens)

The port of Nikiana

Episkopos beach


HOW TO GET THERE:After crossing the mobile (iron) bridge connecting the island of Lefkada and the mainland turn on the left. After about 2km you'll enter the small port of Lefkada , capital of the island. Directly after crossing the small stoned bridge at the entrance of the harbour turn on the left and continue driving along the harbour. There just follow the signs for Nydri or Vasiliki. 7km after leaving the town you'll reach Episkopos / Nikiana area. PHILIPPOS HOTEL APARTMENTS is located just 100mr after the sign indicating "NIKIANA" village on the right.

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About Lefkada

ImageThe island of Lefkada lying between Corfu and Cephalonia in the Ionian Sea will impress you with its contrasts. Lefkada or Lefkas as it is also known offers an idyllic picture, the island is very green covered with pine and plane trees,cypress and oaks. Lefkada has endlles golden sand beaches Agios Nikitas, Pefkoulia, Kathisma, Porto Katsiki and the Gremni are among the most beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean . The water is crystal clear and shifts from deep blue to emerald. The largest part of the island is mountainous with enchanting landscapes, picturesque little villages that keep their traditions and charm untouched..
The capital of the island, is also named Lefkas, the town is located in the northern part of the island, and offers a large number of shops, restaurants/tavernas, coffee shops and bars.
The southeast coast of Lefkada is embroidered by small verdant islands.During the summer caique tours are organized to the islands of Scorpios- property of the Onassis family- ,Madouri, Meganissi, Ithaque, the picturesque port of Fiscardo in Cephalonia as well as the lovely coastal town of Parga in Epirus and the Paxi islands. The majority of the one day cruises depart from the well known resort of Nydri.
Lefkada is connected to the mainland by a bridge 50- meters long and can be reached by car. Thus it gives the visitor the chance to explore the region of Epirus and get to know the towns of Preveza and Parga, the site of ancient Nicopolis, the well known theater of Dodoni or even Ioannina with the lake , the cave of Perama and Vrelis wax museum.


  • ATHINA 378 klm
  • THESSALONIKI 425 klm
  • PATRA185 klm
  • IOANNINA110 klm
  • IGOUMENITSA125 klm

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  • BUS INFORMATIONS: 210.5133 583 (Athina) και 26450.22364 (Lefkada)