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Sports and activities


Located in the center of Nikiana's village you can find a SCUBA DIVING SCHOOL, offering specially designed courses according to the strict international safety standards of P.A.D.I and C.M.A.S. P.A.DI courses are offered at all of the following levels.

- Open Water Diver (4-5 days)
- Advanced Open Water Diver (2 days) - Emergency first Response (1 day)
- Rescue Diver (3 days)
- Divemaster

All the above diving courses are offered in different languages. The school is using up to date instructional materials including books and videos and provides all the necessary diving equipment and a suitable swiming pool during the courses.

You can be your own captain, mark your own itinerary and discover the small islands of Scorpios, Madouri, Egremni,Sparti and the east coastof Lefkada island.The sea in this part of the island is not rough and the weather conditions are rarely windy.
So get your familly or friends and discover the "big blue".

You can rent a motor boat for 4-5 persons in the ports of Nydri or Lygia for the day. Rates start from 35-euro + gasoline for a motor boat for 4 persons per day.

- The rates depend on the type of boat,
- For motor boats till 25 horses no permit is required.


The inland of Lefkada is full of green colours with hills,higher mountains and picturesque villages, magical pathways…

You could find several organised clubs all over the island, offering mountainbike experience. In the town of Lefkada, Nydri and Vassiliki, there are several bike rentals where you could find the necessary equipment for ridingaround the island.

With a simple bike or a mountain bike you could follow the riding pathway from Episkopos to Nikiana and then Aghii Pateres monastery Alexandros and Karya.You could also ride to Perigiali - Nydri and the canyon of Dimosari with itsbeautifull waterfalls.


Outside of Lefkada’s town, in the village of Apolpena, there is an organised riding farm (Aramis Farm) where the lovers of Natural Horse Riding, could takelessons and enjoy the mountain and sea.
The riding lessons last 45 minutes with aravanika Greek horses and include theory and exercises in a fenced place of 1 sq.m.
Full equipment is offered and a basic requirement for an inexperienced rider is the participation of the horse’s preparation.Every ride lasts 3-4 hours, depending on the program.

The programs of the ride are basically 2:
Ride on the mountain: Apolpena - Melissa Gorge - Tsoukalades (Aghios Georgios) - Apolpena.

Ride on the sea: Apolpena - Fryni - Aghios Ioannis - Fryni - Apolpena

The mountainous area of Lefkada is full of canyons, ravines,, rich vegetation, rare flowers and scenic pathways ideal for long walks and excursions in the nature.

The pathways of Skaros Mountain with the beautiful forest of Velanidias,the Melissa Gorge in Sfakiotes, the canyon of Dimosari, the waterfalls ofNydri in a green and cool place and the forest of Dafnis in Sivros, will create a breathtaking excitement to those who will decide to explore Lefkadaby taking a long walk.

Near Lefkada’s town, we propose you to take a walk around the Lagoon to the south side of Lekada’s town, the olive grove, Fryni and Apolpena to the monastery of Faneromenis.

Some of the most amazing walking rides of Lefkada are:

01. From Nikiana village to the monastery of Aghii Pateres and Skaros mountain.
02. From the village Chortata, to Stavrota (altitude 1.141 m) and the tableland of Englouvis.
03. From Vlichos village to the area of Geni and the church of Aghia Kiriaki
04. From Nydri to the canyon of Dimosari and the waterfalls
05. From Fryni to the monastery of Faneromenis
6. From Sivros village to the Cave of Karoucha and the fields close Vasiliki.
07. From Sivros village to Kerasia's waterspings
08. From Vournika to the monastery of Aghios Ioannis in Rodaki
09. From Dragano to Gialos beach.
10. From Athani village to the beach Egremni
11. From Kavalos to the Melissa Gorge
12. Lefkada - Castle and Lighthouse - Gira -Ai Giannis- Lefkada (the route including the lagoona in Lefkada’s town)
13. From Spartochori village on the island of Meganissi to Aghios Ioannis14. From Katomeri village on the island of Meganissi to Atherinos


Lefkada is the paradise of windsurfing. The beach of Vassiliki is one of the 10 best beaches worldwide and the 3rd best in Europe together with the beach of Aghios Ioannis, covering almost all needs of windsurfing lovers.Ionian Sea, during the summer months is “cooled” with the thermal winds (mistral). The winds together with the morphology of the area offer great statistics of wind and allow surfers to “take off” with new tricks and manoeuvre.

To the north side of the island, near Lefkada’s town, you can meet Aghios Giannis
beach with almost the same statistics but different conditions inside water.
The lovers of wave will adore this beach. The waves are amazing for those who seek great excitement.